The Constitutional Support Tax


Money is needed to pay the constitutionally authorized expenditures of the Federal Government. Under the CST system, Congress will continue to develop the Federal Budget each year. However, instead of the Federal Government extracting money from citizens and businesses by taxation, and from the credit markets by borrowing, the States will fund the expenditures. The CST system contains a formula that is fair to all States that will divide the Federal Budget among the States. The People of each State, by whatever process they choose, will decide how their State will pay its share of the Federal Budget.

The reason Americans face the continual problem of enormous increases in Federal spending and the associated deficits is that Congress has monopoly control over Federal Government finance.


Excess spending and deficits are due to a faulty design in the process of raising money to pay for Federal expenditures. Congress’ monopoly power to tax and to borrow money has no checks and controls similar to the separation-of-powers principle of executive, legislative and judicial branches of governance that are built into the Constitution. Unless and until this faulty design problem is corrected, the uncontrolled spending and deficits will go on unabated. Among other things, the design of the CST will implement a financial checks-and-balances principle on the Federal Government by employing the States of the United States to provide the money necessary to operate the Federal Government. 


The Federal Income Tax (the 16th Amendment) is a key element of the faulty design of Federal Government finance. With the Income Tax, Congress has the power to reach directly into the pockets of American citizens and businesses. As with any tax, it’s mandatory that all citizens and businesses meeting the taxable criteria pay it. The Federal Government collecting income and other taxes dominates the entire nation. An ever-growing, ever-being-replenished pool of dollars has been created by the Income Tax, other Federal taxes and credit market borrowing.


This pool of money now supports a massive and deeply entrenched spending industry centered in Washington, D.C. This combination of (1) The Income Tax and other Federal taxes, (2) Congress’ power to borrow money, and (3) the deeply entrenched spending industry combine to be the faulty design problem.  Unless and until this pool money is taken out of the monopoly control of Congress, the spending industry will continue to entwine itself with Congress to the detriment of the citizens. The spending industry has its hands deep into this ever-growing, ever-being-replenished pool of money. These dollars are continually being drained by the spending industry.

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Amendment 16 - Status of Income Tax Clarified

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.


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