The Constitutional Support Tax


Thank you for taking time to view this site about the CONSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT TAX, also known as the CST.  If you have a copy of the U.S. Constitution close by, please find it.  Or, go to (opens in a new page).  Having it on hand as you view this presentation should prove helpful.  The Constitution will be even more useful as you review the text on the website.

First, what is the CST? Although the word TAX is used, the CONSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT TAX should NOT first be thought of as a tax. This is an important starting point, so please let me repeat, although the word TAX is used, the CONSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT TAX should NOT first be thought of as a tax.


Rather, the CST is a SYSTEM that will redesign the process of Federal Government finance. After the redesign is implemented, three fundamental changes will have been put in place. Those three changes are:


  1. There will be a whole new method of providing money to pay for Federal Government expenditures. The new method will employ the States of the United States. With the exception of tariffs on imported goods, the power of the Federal Government to tax individuals and businesses will be permanently eliminated.

  2. A structure of currently non-existent political pressure points will be in place. These pressure points will result in stringent restraints on Federal budgeting and spending.

  3. The CST system is designed to permanently end Federal deficit spending.

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"The suppression of unnecessary offices, of useless establishments and expenses enabled us to discontinue internal taxes. These covering our land with officers and opening our doors to their intrusions, had already begun that process of domiciliary vexation which, once entered, is scarcely to be restrained from reaching successively every article of produce and property." --Thomas Jefferson: 2nd Inaugural, 1805.